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Get Clean


Dr. Tabisum Mir loves Dirty Lash

In this 3 min. video you will hear Dr. Mir describe how Dirty Lash is, "A great natural treatment to clean your lashes.  It does not degrade the eyelash adhesive for your extensions.  It doesn't sting your eyes.  It doesn't dry out the area around your eyes; in fact it helps condition your natural lashes - all while cleaning.  No alcohol and no oil - this is something I am really, really loving for cleaning my eyelashes!"
StacyCox video thumbnail.jpg
@StacyCoxBeauty talks about Dirty Lash, Jan 28th on #KTLA's morning news.  
Recognized as a new brand to watch in 2019!  Dirty Lash is fast becoming the talk of lash professionals and lash addicts everywhere.
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WATCH NOW:  Dirty Lash featured on KTLA

Thank you for your interest in Dirty Lash!

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